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Highlights from the March 12, 2024 Luncheon

State of the Town Address presented by Mayor Stanley J. Milan

Purcellville – your small Town, where history and progress intersect and people prosper and thrive.” Community First – Citizens Always

Description of Meeting :

Mayor Milan discussed the drought Then and Now and how all the residents and businesses worked together to keep it from being worse; Strong and Vibrant growth with new businesses moving into the Town (1 company located to Purcellville from Leesburg); He also spoke about the Major Accomplishments and the Financial Position at the end of 2023 as well as the positive Credit Rating and the fiscal challenges. He concluded with

Speaker : Vice Mayor Erin Rayner

Description of Presentation:  

Mayor Milan and Vice Mayor Rayner also spoke about the Future Vision for Purcellville including the “Gaslamp District”, Downtown North & Downtown South lighting and street signage projects; Vice Mayor Rayner spoke about the changes to EDAC (Economic Development Advisory Committee) and discussed the Economic future for Purcellville. This presentation was different than how they presented it at the Town meeting.

Member Spotlight Speaker

Vladimir Gregorieve, KMAA –  Purcellville