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Highlights from the January PBA Luncheon

Highlights from the January PBA Luncheon

Highlights of the PBA January Luncheon

This past Tuesday, the Purcellville Business Association held its first Networking Luncheon of the new year! Members happily reconnected after the holiday season, and we welcomed several guests and newcomers. 

President Erin Rayner opened the meeting with her plans to grow the PBA and the Purcellville business community as a whole. She would like see Purcellville grow and thrive, and we can do that by getting to know one another and working together to succeed. In that spirit, Erin is going to spend her term as president emphasizing economic development reaching out to local small businesses to strengthen and empower our membership as well as encouraging new business growth in Purcellville. The PBA is such a great tool for local businesses. With so many veteran business owners in our membership, we can offer mentorship and form a sense of community among all businesses.

President Erin Rayner presents Elizabeth Ford, Founder and President of BetterALife, Inc. with the Non-Profit of the Year Award

Last month at the Annual Dinner, charitable organization, BetterALife,Inc,  won the Non-Profit of the Year award for 2021. Elizabeth Ford, President and Founder, was unable to accept the award in person because she was on her way to Mayfield, Kentucky bringing food and other essentials to children who were affected by the devastating tornado. Erin was finally able to present the award on behalf of the membership to her in person at this meeting. Elizabeth filled us in on recent initiatives of BetterALife including a new food pantry and an expansion to the organization. They will be growing to include mentorship and cooking classes for area residents.

Treasurer Yvonne Holland and Director Jason Sengpiehl let us know about recent changes made to the membership process. Members can now easily join and renew membership online through the PBA website via PayPal. Also, any listings on the Business Directory that are not current members have been hidden. Please reach out to (Email) if need to update your listing or if your business requires a paper invoice to renew your membership.

Big changes are happening to the zoning ordinances in the Town: virtually all zoning ordinances are being rewritten. Councilman Joel Grewe informed us all about upcoming amendments currently being proposed to the historic building ordinance which would include a non-demolition order for around 300 properties. The Councilman urges all residents to follow these changes closely and contact members of the Town Council with their opinions..

Councilman Joel Grewe informing the PBA about local zoning ordinances

Casey Chapman, partner of CaseCo, was our Member Spotlight Speaker. CaseCo is full-service general contractor for commercial and residential properties. Over the last year, under the guidance of a business mentor, the company has been able to double its business by adding insurance restoration to its repertoire. With a strong focus on communication, extraordinary customer service, and of course excellent results, CaseCo looks forward to growing even more in 2022. Casey spoke on the importance of being connected as a community of business owners. Communities need small business to thrive. We need to work together for the good of the Town, he said.

Casey Chapman of CaseCo addressing the group

We look forward to seeing everyone again in February at the next luncheon!