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Highlights from the October PBA Luncheon

Highlights from the October PBA Luncheon

Highlights of the PBA October Luncheon

On October 12th, we held our monthly luncheon at the lovely Loudoun Golf & Country Club.

Grant Wetmore began the meeting with several announcements. The Purcellville Business Association is increasing its online presence. If your business is running a promotion or hosting a special event, please reach out to us at JSengpiehl@allstate.com.  We will send this out to our membership through email, social media, and our website. His second announcement was the PBA is looking for sponsors for 2022. If you are interested in sponsoring the PBA, send an email to Yvonne@yholland.com for more information.

Next, we heard updates about the Town from Councilman Joel Grewe. Currently the Town is working towards a goal of increasing the walkability of the Town of Purcellville. There are plans underway to build new pathways and expand existing sidewalks. The Council is applying for grants to make these plans a reality without placing a burden on taxpayers.

There are possible changes coming to the way in which taxes are paid by consolidating bills to reduce the number of individual bills. The hope is that this change will simplify paying taxes for individuals and local businesses. 

Colleen Stutz was the Member Spotlight Speaker for October. Her business, SonRise Strategies, LLC, offers financial planning services. With tax season on the horizon, now is the time to consult your financial planner. SonRise Strategies can inform and assist you on all of your options for savings, retirement accounts, etc. to reduce your tax burden and maximize your financial gains.

Our final speaker was Geno Stampora. Geno is a professional speaker with over 30 years’ experience inspiring and guiding individuals to better themselves and become better leaders and business owners as a result. He spoke on the crucial role small business plays in a community. To keep our community strong in these difficult times, supporting local business and each other is of the utmost importance. In addition to getting better service, keeping money in the town helps everyone succeed.

Geno shared with us a (Baker’s) Dozen ways to have a better day and be good at networking which I will paraphrase for you below.

  1. Remove All Distractions – People have a short attention span that seems to be getting shorter. Cut down on distractions on your person such as unnecessary jewelry and strong scents.
  2. Prepare and be Prepared – Be ready before you walk into the room. Know what you are going to say and how you want to present yourself.
  3. Have your Business Cards and Contact Information Ready, On-Hand, and Looking Good- Create a business card that reflects you and your business.  Make it personal and something that stands out.
  4. Listen with Intent- When you are speaking with someone, really pay attention to them and let them know with your body language and words that you are truly listening.
  5. Be Memorable- Make a lasting impression by doing something unique that sets yourself apart and makes people remember you.
  6. PMA Positive Mental Attitude- People can feel your energy. Take the time to put yourself into the right headspace every day.
  7. Become Solution Oriented and Provide Value- If you meet someone with a problem that you can fix, let them know it.  But it’s also important not to over promise. Always promise less and deliver more.
  8. Build Relationships- Try to build friendships and real connections.  Don’t just exchange business cards- schedule a time to go get a coffee together or have lunch.  Don’t send an email. Make a call or better yet, visit.
  9. Face to Face is Always Best- The best way to do business is face to face.
  10. Check Out the Room Early- When going to an event or dinner, get there early. Check out the “Lay of the Land” so you can be comfortable and prepared in the setting.
  11. Don’t be Bored- When you are bored, you are boring
  12. Don’t Share What Doesn’t Matter- As stated in point #1, people have short attention spans. Be concise and don’t get lost in what you are trying to say.
  13. Leave them with a story to share with others

Overall, this luncheon was full of great information and advice. I left full and feeling inspired.